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A Malamute is your best friend for life not  just for X-mas! 


This puppy is the logo we use on shared advertising with a few other Dutch Malamute Breeders.

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So Akima-Gayuk Alaskan Malamutes test their puppies at 7 weeks on caracter and temperament to make sure the puppy and it's new owner's) fit together for life!

Hanneke-Cysouw-Reitsema, our puppy-tester, runned dog school Echo from 1992-2002, is a dog behaviour therapist, Malamute owner, Iceland dog-breeder and a great artist (see our puppy-logo). 

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Akima-Gayuk (amcn/amcb/vfs/mushing Holland)

Aniyun'wiya (amcn/amcb)

Annayok's Alaskan Malamutes (amcn/amcb)

Kinucha's Amity (amcn/amcb/mushing Holland)

Akima-Gayuk Alaskan Malamutes are members of:

AMCN / AMCB / Mushing Holland



Our Malamutes are members of Academic Animals. 


Alaskan Malamute Club of the Netherlands

Alaskan Malamute Club of the Netherlands


Alaskan Malamute Club of Belgium

Breeders who are a member of the AMCN and/or AMCB are involved in a breeding platform to keep our beautiful breed save and sound for the future.


Have you've ever seen a Malamute pull a cart with his teeth? 

That was our Floyd in a Spanish commercial brake!

Did you see the Action Man in 'Operation SOS'?

His best four-footed friend's real name is Floyd!

Our Malamutes are members of Academic Animals. 




Alaskan Malamute Club of Belgium


Mushing Holland

Alaskan Malamute Club of Ameria


Malamute Cartoons


Malamute-stuff, equipment and food

Heinz Grundel can draw a Malamute like you have never ever seen before! Recognize our wonderful breeds stubbornness, have fun, sled along and fall in love again with the Alaskan Malamute but now in drawings! You can also order his Cartoon book Beloved Sled dogs it's a real 'wanna-have'!

Would you like to send one of his cartoons as a postcard? 

  KIWAQ Sleddog Equipment Blegium

Alaskan Malamute Books

You can buy your malamute books at or at the AMCN shop


CANEX DYNAMIC professional dog food




Our Siberian husky friends and training coaches    




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With special thanks to our co-photographers Ingrid den Boer & Riet Kamstra

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Riet Kamstra Dogs World Wide Photo Album

© Riet Kamstra 2000

These Akima-Gayuk Malamute puppy's say: "Congratulations"

Also other Malamute and Dog Cards to send!



© Riet Kamstra 2000

Dogs World Wide Photo Album. With a cute puppy page too

Riet Kamstra also designs websites and shoots beautiful photo's for 'Onze Hond' (Our Dog) the Dutch dog magazine Sandra de Hoogh-Luidens (Akima-Gayuk Alaskan Malamutes) writes for from time to time!





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