Wold Lakes Chignik Chevy x Akima-Gayuk Neskika Sikhs Amiq

BORN 19.09.2005


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Amiq with her 1,5 week old pups (eyes still closed)

and Sandra, Mika Ty-ee and Rob de Hoogh-Luidens

Akima-Gayuk Krilanartok Najanga

Always the best very much wanted sister


She is our girl number 7 in the Akima-Gayuk pack!

Akima-Gayuk Nakuusiaq Tika

Always the best OkÚ received love gift





Akima-Gayuk Isumanniq Chinook

Always the best hot wind



Akima-Gayuk Qimagta Kaiyakh

Always the best pulling dog entrailing



Akima-Gayk Samani Nilak

Always the best watching out on clear Ice



Akima-Gayuk Yup'ik Brother Cody







PEDIGREE FOR pups Amiq x Chevy  born 19.09.2005

Sex: 5 males 1 female

Breeder: Akima-Gayuk J.P.A. & S.E. de Hoogh-Luidens, Holland

      GF: Avyuk JW'95


GGF: Wolverine Valley Norsuak

GGM: Qidlanek of Borakis Line

Father: Ch. Wold Lake's Chignik Chevy


GM: Laska Maleygmyut Ela´ka


GGF: Ch. Inuits Luavik of Zagoskin W'87

GGM: Laska


GF: Joli Mapa Yumaeskymo


GGF:  Multi Ch.Joli Mapa Unitedlove

GGM: CH'Mani Tatonka Issues Of Yukon






  GM: Mia-Tuk Of The Morning Valley


  GGF: Multi Ch AMCB Clubwinner Yupik's Gizmo

GGM: Our Youra Of Borakis Line