We are Active in Show, Hiking, Obedience, Biking and Mushing.



Our Malamutes are sometimes shown on International Shows as well as Specialty's .

Quick Laska:

AMCB Weightpullchampion 1998 Div. CAC, CACIB in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

CH. Floyd:

Dutch and Luxembourg Champion. Amsterdam Winner 1997 & Amsterdam Reserve Winner 1995. Div. CAC & CACIB in Holland & Belgium.

CH. Cold Valley's Sikkuyuna:

Dutch Champion and Amsterdam Winster 1997 & Amsterdam Reserve Winster 1996. Div. CAC Res. CAC & CACIB in Holland and Belgium. At the age of nine she still steels the show: best veteran bitch AMCN Clubmatch

Yukon Of Narjan Mar:

Is our pet dog but very sweet and intelligent so he won some obedience trophies!

Mia-Tuk of the Morning Valley:

Div. CAC Res. CAC and Res. CACIB in Holland and Germany and the best Mummy and Grandma in the world say Trib, Dan, Amiq and Najanga!

Akima-Gayuk A Tribute To Yuna:

Became Amsterdam Youth Winner 2000 at his first show on November 25th 2000!  Res CAC!

Akima-Gayuk Ajung'ilak Sarei-Dan:

Won several Best Alaskan Malamute Pup in Denmark and is Dannish Youth Weight pull Champion 2001

Kinucha's Amity CÚCÚ Akima-Gayuk:

Best Alaskan Malamute puppy KC waalwijk 2001. Excellent and several placings in CAC and CACIB shows and club matches

Akima-Gayuk Nesika Sikhs Amiq

Best Puppy Bitch Winner 2003 and her brother Akima-Gayuk Towakh Sungauyak went Puppy Winner 2003!

Akima-Gayuk Anana Tikaani

Best malamute pup and 4th pup in CAC show KC Dordrecht 2004

Grand Prix on Ice Issues of Yukon

Akima-Gayuk Krilanartok Najanga



We love to go on a hike with our dogs! Not only our daily rounds but long trails with walks for days. We take our own and some of our dogs backpacks with us. Especially in the winter when there is snow. Most fun we have when we go with other Malamute lovers and take a short holiday or a long weekend. We already went several times to the Vosgeses (France), Ardennes (Belgium), the woods nearby Kassel and Meppen (Germany) and off course lots of woods in Holland. This is together with the Dutch (AMCN) or Belgium (AMCB) Alaskan Malamute Clubs or just among Malamute Friends. We even went on a hiking/canoeing trip twice with the AMCN! The trips to the Ardennes we organize with lots of spirit, a choice of a good bed or winter camping, breakfast and in the evening lots of strong stories over bears and hot chocolate! Most of the time we are with 30-70 people and even more dogs so they need to behave. This winter we already booked go to Kassel and the Ardennes for hiking and to Switzerland for mushing and having a wonderful X-mas time!


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We try to do as much as possible with our dogs but the most imported thing to do before we can do all those things with our dogs is to create that special bond between us. A Malamute who loves to do something with you is easy to become an obedient Malamute. So we start training them as soon as possible with a lot of praise and fun. We did most of the local school exams with our dogs.

Laska: puppy, EG1, EG2, UV.

Floyd: puppy, A, B, Club GG, VZH, UV.

and a beginners training of Search and Rescue

Yukon: puppy, EG1, EG2

Yuna: puppy, A,B, GH (Obedient Housedog) UV.

Tuka: puppy, A

Trib: puppy

Dan: puppy and Show training in Denmark

CÚCÚ: home trained

Amiq: puppy, EG1

Tikaani: puppy, EG1 + EG2

Ice: home trained

Najanga: is getting home trained just now

In Holland we ride bikes and we like to take our dogs with us. We participated many times with our dogs on a stammina/endurance test that is called UV on with you have to take your dogs for 20 Kilometres and after that you have to prove their still capable of performing some obedience tasks.